Tournage du film :

The Anzac Journey

ANZAC TROOPS in Josephine BAKER High school!


On January 19th 2024, Josephine Baker’s students saw a strange manifestation of military forces within the high school!

However, don’t be afraid: this was only the shooting of our movie entitled ANZAC's journey, directed and produced by 1ère European section students. It deals with how Australia and New-Zealand got involved in WWI.

Why did we do that?

We are participating to a competition organized by the Australian Ambassy to remember and honour ANZAC's involvement in the Great War.

We studied the subject in history and English classes. Indeed, this short movie comes as a conclusion to all the work that we have accomplished and it aims to bring a different perspective on the Great War.

Through this short movie, we hope people realise the danger and the fear ANZAC soldiers went through during unbelievable battles such as the legendary battle of Gallipoli. Nowadays, these soldiers are still honoured for their sacrifice and deservedly remembered as heroes.


We hope to win the prize, so wish us good luck!